DeerSleep - Description

DeerSleep description.


Deer Sleep plays sound and light.
It’s to help you sleep. Or your baby to sleep.
It can help you focus. Or relax.
It can even help mask mild tinnitus.
We’ve made it as easy to use as possible: one button from launch to sound. 

There are seven Sleep Deer, different spectra to suit your mood.

Green noise is known as the background harmonic of the earth.
Hugely atmospheric, dominated by mid-range frequencies,
it has a resonance which can help creative thinking.

Brown (dark)
Brown or Brownian noise is the deepest of these noises.
With very little high frequency it resembles a distant rumbling.
Some say it simulates the sounds of the womb, and gives a feeling of warmth and safety. 
This is a soothing sound that can help a baby to sleep.

Brown (light)
This brown noise has more high frequency than it’s dark partner. Less subtle,
but still deep and atmospheric, like a distant waterfall.
Great for baby sleep and study.

White noise is the most commonly known noise.
Similar to running water or a waterfall, it is a full spectrum sound with equal energy at all frequencies.
This sound can be very effective at blocking out other sounds and help babies fall asleep.

Pink noise is similar to white noise, but has greater density in the lower frequencies.
This gives it a warmer feel, similar to constant rainfall, or the rustling of leaves.
Try it for undisturbed sleep.

Red noise is a sister of brownian noise.
It has a spectrum weighted towards the lower frequencies.
With a soft muted feel, like gentle heavy rainfall,
it can be great for sleeping.

Blue noise - also known as azure noise, glides across the high frequencies with very little bass.
It sounds like a distant waterfall.
This can be a great noise to use if you suffer from tinnitus. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, you might choose to make friends with dark brown, the easiest Sleep Deer to engage with.

Why Deer Sleep?
So why is this app called Deer Sleep? In particular, why the deer?
Deer have been intimately woven into human consciousness for a very, very long time. They’re in ancient palaeolithic cave paintings. They inhabit myths and legends. Right across the world. Throughout the ages and up to the present day - as anyone who’s read or watched Harry Potter will know.
And the qualities they embody are those of gentleness, kindness, peace, compassion, tranquillity, grace and unconditional love. Kinda where you want to be when you’re sleeping, relaxing or meditating.
Deer are the kind spirits who will watch over you and your loved ones as you sleep, dream and repair. 

Who am I?
I’m a professional musician, arranger and music producer. I work on albums, films, commercials, and documentaries. I’m also a loving partner and a doting father. All of these things, at times, take their toll!

What’s the background?

I came up with the idea for Deer Sleep after having to deal with life challenges: not being able to sleep, an over-active brain that wouldn’t switch off at the end of another busy day, mild tinnitus [it’s a hazard in the music industry]… and new-borns who wouldn’t sleep either.

We were in Canada where I was producing an album. My son was a newbie and only wanted to sleep during the day. But we noticed he would relax as soon as he heard running water coming from the studio sink, so I used the best vintage microphones I could find and recorded the sound.
On a continuous loop, the baby slept and we got a night’s sleep.
Then I found the same sounds would slow down my overworked brain and give me a little peace.
I experimented. I tried ambient pieces. Tried some that were more sound than music.
Built them so that they’d shift ever so slightly over time…
I pushed them out on Spotify and amazingly started to get plays. Three quarters of a million in just three months. Time to make an app…
Deer Sleep. Think of it as an audio blanket…
I’d like to think that you’ll get the same sense of peace and the rest that I’ve managed to find.

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